A girl and her backpack

1 backpack plus husband in South East Asia. Pack bag, unpack, reorganize, repack, pause for a snack, repeat.

1 backpack, 1 husband and 4 weeks in South East Asia. How do you even begin to prepare for that?

packing in progress

Normally the husband is the most difficult part of that but my hubby is awesome (we can do a check in after these 4 weeks just to be sure though)! Anyway -You'd think packing a small bag would be easy but guess again! Sometimes it takes a few tries.

Pack bag, unpack, reorganize, repack, pause for a snack, repeat.

hurried packing

After a few trips, I learned how little I really needed for a trip away from home. But this required time. Without the advantage of time to think through each item, you're bound to fall into a common misconception.

What if I need... [Insert random smelly lotion, clothing, etc]

Give yourself time to pack and repack, carefully considering what items you'll really need.

can't take all your shoes

Need I say more? As much as I want to take a pair of shoes for every occasion that could occur...I know I don't really need them all! Plus, who doesn't want shoes from around the world?

versatile clothes are your friend

For this particular trip, I decided to pack a tshirt and tank top that could double as pj's and day outfits when paired with shorts! That being said, some may say you don't need pj's but to each their own ;)

get a second set of eyes (or bag)

If you can, share your packing logic with someone else - they can be helpful in deciding what to take and what to leave behind. A big thank you goes out to my my trusty husband for talking me into packing extra underwear and leaving the fancy shoes at home.

A perk of travelling as a couple or group is splitting common items like first aid kits and sunscreen -you don't each need your own!

ready for fun and adventure

Packing has been part of the anticipation of this trip. Once our bags were packed, we were one step closer to taking off.


Ready to go on an adventure!