A Taste of Thailand

A food diary (in progress)

Dear diary,

Here are all the wonderful flavours I've experienced in Thailand. Will update as we explore more!

The basics. A spoon and fork are the main eating utensils. The spoon is the main eating vessel and is accompanied by the fork which acts as the helper. Soups get a traditional soup spoon and sometimes a regular spoon too if served with rice. Grilled meats are eaten off the skewers. And when we're not sure, we can take a note from the locals.

Street meat. A delicious option any time of day, especially for breakfast. These smoky skewers kept my taste buds longing for more! Just enough crisp and moisture from a low and slow grill. Each vendor has different options (chicken, pork, sausage, ? balls, pork belly) so we just had to find the one we wanted. Food cart in Sathon district, Bangkok.

Mystery soup. Found at a busy street cart -popular among the motor taxi drivers, we had to try this place. A flavourful light broth with chicken, pork, blood cubes, small intestine and some chewy meat, little greens and chives served with a side of rice. Accompanied with a typical tray for custom seasoning including dry red chilli, light brown sugar, vinegar with chili, soy sauce. Street cart in Sathon district, Bangkok.

Green Thai curry. A rich coconut milk based curry. With strong notes of basil and green Thai chillies, subtle notes of keffir lime leaves and coconut. Perfectly cooked eggplants and pork. Served with white or black rice. Le Rêve Garden&Eatery, Bangkok

Tom Kha Gai. Light and tangy/lime-y coconut soup with a notes of ginger, lemon grass and slight heat. Le Rêve Garden&Eatery, Bangkok.

Fried rice with pork. “Pretty standard fried rice” -Andrew Le Rêve Garden&Eatery, Bangkok.

Butterfly pea drinks. A purple concoction made from butterfly pea tea (caffeine free herbal tea made from a flower). Cool and refreshing. Subtle taste (describe). Le Rêve Garden&Eatery, Bangkok.

Butterfly pea with coconut milk dessert. Cool, lightly sweetened coconut milk with bits of ice for crunch and slightly-harder-than-gelatinous butterfly pea chunks. Le Rêve Garden&Eatery, Bangkok.

Bubble tea. Taro flavoured milk tea with honey pearls. Street cart in Sathon district, Bangkok.

Double deep fried chicken wings. Moist yet perfectly crispy. Served with hot chili and sweet chili sauce. Asiatique food booth (near Farris wheel) serving various fried foods, Bangkok.

Shrimp and chicken sauté with fried egg on rice. A well balanced sauté sauce with heat from chilies, sweetness and umami flavour from fish or soy sauce. Rice topped with a perfectly done crispy-bottom runny-top egg. Served with a side of chilli vinegar. Food court under BZ27, Sathon district, Bangkok.

Taiwanese milk tea. A slightly sweet, lightly roasted milk tea with a black tea base. Street cart, Sathon district, Bangkok.

Red thai curry. Served slightly dry (less saucy) with chicken and peas on rice. This is one dish made me say "peas, please". (Restaurant name), Sathon district, Bangkok.

Deep fried pork belly. Rich, crunchy with good crispy fat to meat ratio. (Restaurant name), Sathon district, Bangkok.

Coconut milk drink. Refreshing coconut milk with ice and coconut cream balances lightness and richness. The coconut flavour was prominent, similar to the level you'd get from freshly shaved coconut meat. Street cart near Bangkok train station.

Basil pork sauté. A light sweet sauce with garlic, big chunks of red chilli and a strong Thai basil flavour. Served on rice with a perfectly cooked crispy runny egg and star-shaped cucumber. 12Go Café.

Fried rice. Subtle flavours and green onions throughout the fried rice. Flavour was not smoky as usual. 12Go Café.

Croissants. Rich buttery pastry that makes for a prefect travel snack. Family mart, Bangkok.

Fried chicken. Seasoned with kimin, salt, white pepper. A local speciality. Haadyai Station, Hat Yai.